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Auto Car Keys

The auto car keys are a key that can open and lock the door from a distance without inserting the car key into the lock hole by using the wireless auto control function of the central lock.

Heynes High-Tech has accumulated many years of experience in the field of car key manufacturing, and is a senior car key maker and supplier in China. We can provide a complete supply and sales system to support the replication and wholesale services of smart car keys. The replacement of the smart auto car key we provide can be fully adapted to the corresponding car, so there is no need to worry about the after-sales problem of replacing the car key. Providing high-quality service has won the reputation of users, and the high rate of return of customers is the recognition of our service quality.

The Development History of Auto Car Keys

  • First generation car key: The traditional mechanical key implements the basic door switch function.
  • The second generation car key: You can lightly press the remote control button to realize the door opening and closing function, but the car needs a mechanical key to operate, and the two keys are used together, which is indispensable and a bit cumbersome.
  • The third generation car key: the functions of the key and the remote control are combined into one, opening/closing the door/starting the car are all done through the active button, and the mechanical key is embedded in the remote control key, ready for emergencies.
  • The fourth generation car key: On the basis of the active button, the passive working mode is added, and the door opening/closing action can be realized without pressing the button, which further improves the efficiency and greatly improves the safety performance.

The Working Mode of the Smart Car Keys

According to its use method can be divided into three categories: active working method, passive working method and coil induction method.

Our Services

  • With a professional design team, auto car keys for any brand can be customized
  • Mature supply chain management, each auto car key product produced has a price advantage
  • Your auto car key will be tested by our staff before delivery
  • We pack our auto car keys in neutral brown cartons
  • Usually, ships within 7-30 days after payment received

Features of Remote Car Keys:

Smart car key is a modern car door locking device, which has many advantages to quickly meet the needs of car owners, and the following is a detailed introduction of the relevant features.

  • Wireless remote control: The car remote control key can control the vehicle's door lock, alarm, start and other functions from a distance through radio signal, which makes it more convenient and fast for users to operate the car.

  • Security protection: The car remote key has a built-in anti-theft chip and password system, which can effectively prevent the vehicle from being stolen or damaged.

  • Multi-functionality: It can wirelessly control the car to open and close the doors, and the modern car remote key can also set a variety of functions such as automatically lifting and lowering the windows, adjusting the mirrors, starting the air conditioning and engine preheating, which improves the comfort and convenience of using the vehicle.

  • Personalized design: Intelligent car keys can be personalized according to consumers' needs, such as color and shape, reflecting consumers' personalized choice and pursuit of products.

  • Low power consumption: The auto key adopts low power consumption chip design, which can extend the battery life and reduce the frequency of battery replacement.

Wireless smart car keys have the advantages of convenience, security, multi-function and personalization compared with traditional mechanical locking car remote keys. Choose Heynes High-Tech as your car key manufacturer and supplier, our factory can easily provide car key replacement service and also provide wholesale price, can't the high quality service and super low price make you excited, come to contact us.


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