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Lonsdor/K518 Smart Key

Lonsdor K518 is a professional vehicle key programming tool designed for automotive locksmiths and technicians. It supports a wide range of makes and models of cars from different regions.The K518 key programmer helps automotive technicians to program keys when changing or adding keys and supports the handling of various fault codes. The device has a quick and easy operation, and users can simply follow the prompts to complete the operation. It also provides extensive model coverage and efficient key programming functions that can meet the needs of different vehicle repairs. In addition, the Linkstar K518 supports advanced functions such as reading the vehicle's EEPROM data and unlocking the ECU, allowing users to perform more comprehensive vehicle repairs.

Heynes High-Tech provides smart key PCB for Lonsdor k518 key programmer and Lonsdor key programmer adapter(LONSDOR SUPER ADP 8A/4A). As an excellent company in China's auto smart key market, we have our own cooperative factories and have great advantages in supply channels. 

Functions of Lonsdor/K518 Smart Key Programmer

lonsdor K518 is a car key programming tool, mainly used for vehicle diagnosis, maintenance and programming. It can support car key programming, matching and encryption chip reading for many car models.

  • Car key programming: Support key programming and adding for most car models, including traditional keys, smart keys and remote controls.

  • PIN code reading: Reads the vehicle's PIN code through the OBD interface for key programming and other operations.

  • Module programming: supports programming operations for multiple modules, such as instrumentation, air conditioning, central door lock, etc.

  • Fault diagnosis: It can help to detect vehicle faults quickly and provide solutions.

  • Online upgrade: It can realize online upgrade to ensure the latest version of the tool and the latest functions.

Product Advantages of Lonsdor K518

  • Comprehensive support for multiple makes of vehicles: Lonsdor K518 can be used for key programming, OBD debugging, and troubleshooting for most car makes.

  • Easy to operate: The device provides a user-friendly interface, making it easy to operate even for people without specialized skills.

  • Feature-rich: In addition to key programming and diagnostics, the Lonsdor K518 supports a variety of advanced functions such as module reset, ECU correction, and tire pressure reset.

  • Fast Response: The Lonsdor K518's fast processor allows for quick response to user commands, resulting in increased efficiency.

  • Timely updates: The device is regularly released and updated with new software versions to keep up with the latest automotive technology and market demands.

Heynes High-Tech has rich experience in developing and manufacturing Lonsdor K518 key programmer, we have professional equipment, technicians, sales staff and packaging staff, we can accept more OEM orders and give the most reasonable price and the best service. Trust us, we are ready to carry out cooperation!


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