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Nissan Key Shell

The Nissan key shell is a replacement outer cover for Nissan car keys. Over time, the housing or shell of the key may become damaged, making it difficult to use and even exposing the key's internal chip. Replacing the key shell is an economical and easy way to restore the appearance and function of your Nissan car key without having to replace the entire key and pay for expensive repairs. You can find Nissan car key shell replacements online or at auto parts stores, and they are usually designed to fit specific models of Nissan cars.

Heynes High-Tech, as a professional maker and supplier of replacement Nissan car key fob shell, provides custom wholesale services for Nissan car key shells and various brands of car key shell and accessories. Professional service, give you a better experience! We are committed to providing high quality, durable and affordable Nissan car key fob shells to meet the needs of our customers for Nissan car key shell. We use high quality materials to make key shells and pay attention to design details to ensure precise matching with Nissan car keys. We also manufacture Nissan car key shells in a variety of colors and styles to meet the individual needs of different customers. Choosing us to be the manufacturer of your replacement Nissan car key fob shell is the wisest choice you can make!

Nissan Key Shell Replacement Features

  • 100% new blank key shell (No internal remote control/electronics/transponder chip/battery, etc.)
  • Matching original car key blade
  • Different models of replacement key cases will have programming requirements

Our Services

  • The Nissan replacement key shells we send out are tested;
  • Offered for sale in small quantities, MOQ 50;
  • Mature supply chain management, can provide better price;
  • Perfect pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service system;
  • Offer a variety of optional logistics forms.

Nissan Key Fob Shell for Sale

Points to note for nissan key fob shells replacement

Compatibility: Make sure the key fob shell you purchase is compatible with your Nissan model. Different models may use different types and shapes of key shells, so please confirm the key shell model that matches your model before purchasing.

Key cutting: Usually, new key shells do not have a cutting blade. You need to transfer the cutting blade of the original key to the new key shell, or find a professional locksmith to do the key cutting to make sure the new key can be used smoothly.

Electronic chip transfer: If your Nissan has an electronic chip on the key, then you need to transfer the original electronic chip to the new key case when you replace the key case. This process needs to be done carefully to ensure that the electronic chip is intact.

Pairing and programming: After replacing the key housing, you may need to pair and program the new key to ensure that it will work with your Nissan vehicle. This step usually needs to be done at a professional auto repair store or dealership that has the appropriate equipment and technology to complete this task.

Key Shell Quality: It is important to choose a high quality key housing to ensure its durability and longevity. A quality key cover material can withstand daily use and a certain amount of physical impact, providing long-term reliable protection

When replacing key shells, if you do not have the appropriate technical knowledge and tools, it is recommended to consult a professional locksmith or auto repair service provider to ensure the replacement process is correct and safe. Heynes Hi-Tech, as a professional Nissan car key shell replacement manufacturer and supplier, can also provide professional knowledge guidance and service!

FAQs about Nissan key shell replacement

Q: Is it possible to replace only the outer shell of the Nissan key fob?

A: If your key fob still works fine, it's just the case that looks outdated. We offer new housings for all brands of car key fobs that replace the exterior plastic and buttons while retaining the internal electronics. If your key fob has lost or worn out buttons, then updating your car key fob shell is a cheaper alternative.

Q: How much does it cost to replace a Nissan key shell?

A: The cost of replacing a Nissan car key fob shell is not high, and we as a manufacturer and supplier of Nissan car key shells can offer more favorable wholesale prices!

Q:  Do you test your Nissan key shells before delivery?

A: Yes, our warehouse staff test all goods before dispatch.

Q: What are your delivery times like?
A: Generally, it takes 7-30 days after receiving payment. Specific shipment is subject to the order.


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