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Transponder chip

Car key transponder chip refers to the transponder chip integrated in the car key to realize the functions of anti-theft and remote control. The development of car keys has gone through single-plate mechanical keys, split keys, anti-theft and remote control integrated keys to the latest intelligent keys, i.e. keyless start system.

Car key auto transponder chips, when the key is inserted, the transponder chip key programming signal is sent to the receiver located near the ignition. If the digital serial number in the transponder chip key programming matches the one programmed in the car, it will start when the driver turns the key.

Heynes High-Tech has accumulated many years of experience in the field of transponder chip key programming and car key auto transponder chips, and as a senior car key auto transponder chips manufacturer and supplier, we can provide a supply and sales system. High-quality service has won the reputation of users, and the high rate of customer return is a recognition of the quality of our service.

Advantages of car key auto transponder chips

  • Improve the security of car keys: The car key transponder chip can provide a higher level of security of the car key. Through the microchip or the accurate serial number of the car key, the risk of car theft can be effectively avoided.
  • Transponder keys provide enhanced functionality to users in addition to increased security. The most significant advantage is the way they mix vehicle access and locking with other activities.
  • Easy to use: car key with auto transponder chip is extremely convenient to use. It's also the easiest way to get into the car, as each key has only a few assigned buttons to use. Car keys are incredibly portable due to their small size.

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