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Car Key Programmer

Heynes High-Tech has accumulated many years of experience in the field of auto car key programmer, and as a senior auto key programmer manufacturer and supplier, We can provide a complete supply and sales system of car key programmer device. High-quality service has won the reputation of users, and the high rate of customer return is a recognition of the quality of our service.

More than ten years of professional teams have devoted themselves to polishing, and are committed to creating better and more adaptable car key programmer products to meet the operating habits of the public.

Feature of Auto Locksmith Tool Car Key Programmer

  • Now there are many market options for car key programmers, and the ability to update is also very strong. In addition to generating new keys, the car key programmer can also provide diagnostic and service functions
  • Some car key programmers can identify© chip, access control key, simulate chip, generate chip, generate remote (key), generate smart key(card), detect remote frequency, detect infrared signal, search induction area, detect IMMO, unlock Toyota smart key and etc.
  • support remote test frequency refresh generate chip recognition smart card generate, remote intelligent update possible. Exclusive support for 8A(H chip) generation.
  • Our car key programmers can cover almost all the functions of the similar products in the market. And adopts the design of hand-held technology to improve the user experience

Function of Car Key Transponder Programming Device

Basic functions of the car key programmer device:

Wired Generation Wireless Generation Mobile Phone Simulation

Proximity Key Unlock

Frequency Detection
Infrared Detection Fixed Code Remote Copy Online HCS Remote Copy

Online Chip Copy( 96 bit 48chip, 46chip, 4Dchip, 

for Toyota chip etc. )

Chip Generation
Chip Editing Chip Simulation lgnition Coildetection

Free Activation of 96 Bits 48 Transponder Copy

(No token required)

Remote Data Backup

Other functions will be provided in succession. If you need to customize and develop the functions of locksmith car programmers, you can contact us for professional guidance and communication.

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