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Car Key shell

Heynes High-Tech has accumulated many years of experience in the field of car key case shell manufacturing, and as a senior car key case shell manufacturer and supplier, we can provide a perfect supply and sales system. High-quality service has won the reputation of users, and the high rate of customer return is a recognition of the quality of our service.

Features of Replacement Key Case

  • No Logo on car key shell Back
  • No other built-in devices inside the car key case
  • The car key case is the same size as the original, no additional programming is required, all you have to do is to move the internal components from your old remote control case to the inside of the new one.
  • Protects the smart key from scratches, dents, and other wear and tear from use when entering the remote shell
  • The materials of the car key shell are all plastic + metal materials that meet the production standards

Manufacturer Advantages

  • We can customize key cases for various brands of cars
  • 100% brand new car key case material
  • Easy to install with the anti-slip inner lining to better grip your OEM key fob shell inside
  • Car key shells are all in the form of a shell and emergency blade only

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Points to Note When Choosing a Replacement Key Shell:

Car key shell is a kind of shell used to protect keys, usually made of plastic, silicone or metal. After the key case shell is damaged, you can choose a key shell of the same type to replace it, you only need to remove the chip of the original key and install it into the key cover, so what do you need to pay attention to when choosing a replacement car key case?

  • Materials: key fob shells are made of a variety of materials, the most common of which are plastic and silicone. These materials are soft and durable, and can effectively protect keys from damage. Metal materials are also used to make key cases, these materials are usually more robust but relatively more expensive.

  • Design: Key fob cases come in a variety of designs and can be selected according to different usage environments and personal preferences. Some replacement key shells have a simple design, just a protective shell, while others have multiple functions, such as the integration of small LED lights.

  • Color: Replacement car key shells are also available in a wide variety of colors, so you can choose according to your personal preference. Some brands even allow users to customize the color and pattern of the key case.

  • Brand adaptability: There are many different brands of key cases available in the market. But all these replacement key cases need to match the branded car keys, otherwise it won't help.

In short, choosing a suitable replacement key case can effectively protect your keys and enhance the sense of use. As a manufacturer of key fob replacement shells, Heynes High-Tech provides development and design of car replacement keys and key cases for different car brands, and we also provide OEM service. Our products include car keys, cases, transponder chips, key programmers and other auto accessories, welcome to contact us!


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