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Locksmith machine

Locksmith machines are specialized tools used to make, repair and open all types of locks. They are used by locksmiths and are designed to solve a variety of lock-related problems, including making new locks, duplicating keys, repairing damaged locks, etc.

Heynes High-Tech as a professional key cutting machine manufacturer and supplier, we provide high quality replacement auto keys, car key shells, locksmith machines, etc. We have a mature supply chain management and can offer better wholesale prices! Heynes High-Tech has accumulated many years of experience in the field of locksmith machine , and as a senior car key locksmith machine manufacturer and supplier. We provide high quality locksmith key making machines and various smart car keys and accessories.

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Advantages of Automatic Locksmith Key Cutting Machine

  • High portability: Due to the compact design of the car key locksmith machine, it is light in weight, compact in structure, easy to carry and can provide users with outdoor and roadside services.

  • Perfect car key data system:This car key locksmith machine supports more than 60 global car brands, 2000 models and 20000 key data. Provide rich vehicle data, blank key data, the best tool of all key lost.

  • Smart Operation Free Updates: APP smartphone operation built-in Bluetooth function, can use Android and iOS operating system, some models have WiFi function. Provide powerful free applications, support multi-language, support cell phones, tablets and other intelligent terminals control, easy to operate.

  • High adaptability: This locksmith key cutting machine supports car key self-calibration, key duplication and cutting, and universal key decoding for multiple key types.

Features of locksmith machine

The Auto Locksmith Machine is a tool specifically designed to handle automotive locks with several features:

Highly specialized: Car locksmith machines are specifically designed to handle automotive locks, including door locks, ignition locks, trunk locks, etc. They have special features and adaptability for automotive locks.

Highly precise: Due to the complexity and diversity of auto locks, automotive locksmith machines require a high degree of precision in processing and operation. They are usually equipped with precision cutting tools, measuring instruments and programming features to ensure that the keys made and the locks handled are perfectly matched.

Versatility: Car locksmith machines usually have multiple functions to cut keys, program smart keys, read lock cylinder codes, and more. They can cope with a wide range of automotive locksmith problems and offer multiple solutions.

Electronics and automation: With the development of automotive locksmith technology, many automotive locksmith machines have electronic and automated features. For example, some machines can encode and configure smart keys by reading an electronic chip in the car or using remote programming.

Mobility: Auto locksmiths often need to service customers in different locations, so some auto locksmith machines are portable and easy to carry. They can be easily carried to the site for operation and repair when needed.

Security and confidentiality: As it relates to automotive security and confidentiality, auto locksmith machines usually have strict security controls and confidentiality features. This includes access control to the machine, data encryption and protection to ensure the security of the customer's car and the confidentiality of the information.

Auto locksmith machines are equipped with high specialization, precision, versatility and security to meet the needs of handling automotive locks and provide high quality services. Heynes High-Tech, as a professional auto locksmith machine manufacturer, we can provide perfect technical support and service.


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