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 Car Key Case Shells And The Reason Why They Break Easily

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Normal wear and tear cause car key case shells to crack, however, they can also break when dropped and striking a hard surface. Many people who utilize remote car keys have discovered that plastic weakens over time.

Therefore, even if your car key didn't strike a hard surface, it is highly likely that you may encounter a damaged or fractured shell. The process of turning the ignition key each time you start your automobile puts strain on the area where the key blade meets the plastic casing.

Therefore, cracks will still form even in specifically made plastics, and if the repeated motion of turning the key in the lock or ignition continues, it will result in a damaged car key case shell.

Using a cracked key shell can be dangerous

The function and design of the original automobile key can be blamed for the majority of cracks and breaks in the shell.

The plastic portion of the automobile key can be manufactured to be robust and thick since plastic handles were formerly used to hold the blade of the key.

However, modern cars come with key fobs that have a Printed Circuit Board (PCB), buttons, alarm circuits, and a few transponder-specific chips.

So, if you don’t replace the car key case shell that’s cracked it could result in total damage to the car key and cause extra expense’s been spent on purchasing a new car key.

Below are the steps in which you could follow when you need to replace a cracked car key shell. 

1. Start by opening the shell

Remove the ring first, then locate the opening for the remote key body by inserting a screwdriver there. The body of the broken key fob can be opened with a big slotted screwdriver, open the key fob shell entirely with the screwdriver while tilting it to reveal the electronics.

2. Compare the cracked car key shells to the new one

Compare the damaged key fob to the replacement one you purchased once more, when the new remote key body is closed, do this before opening it.

If you find that they are identical or at least quite comparable, remove the little printed circuit board and move on to the next step.

car key shells

3. Updating the automobile remote's mechanical key

You must now work on the mechanical component. The replacement key fob comes with a mechanical flat vehicle key that is the same size as your original key but lacks grooves to fit the car door lock.

In the absence of a small pin punch, secure it in a vice and remove the pin using a small Torx or Philips screwdriver. To remove the pin, lightly tap your screwdriver with a hammer, and get the flat key out.

4. Renewing the car key car shell is completed

Place the tiny printed board inside the freshly created shell, then firmly close the cover by pushing your fingers over the body's edge. Use your finger to press each button; you should feel the spring effect.

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