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Components and Operation of Car Key Transponder Chip

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Transponder keys are an essential element today for the operation of your vehicle(s). Without keys, no operation is possible on the vehicle.

Many brands such as Volkswagen, began to incorporate technology in their keys in 1995, incorporating great innovations in terms of security.

With new security systems such as the immobilizer system, mounted in 95% of the vehicles that are currently on the market and which works with transponder keys.

We are specialists in car keys and we want to give you all the information on the operation and components of a key with a transponder . In this blog post, we will also discuss briefly the parts that can make up this type.

Components and Operation of Car Key Transponder Chip

1. The sprat

The sprat is the part made of aluminum, copper, zinc and nickel, brass, or steel, the latter being the one used by Asian brands because it is the most economical material. It has the function of activating the lock cylinders.

The sprats for their correct operation in the bowler must have a carving according to the drawing of the mechanism of the lock bowler.  If it is not there, it will not rotate in the bowler. There are several different types of blades used by vehicle brands for their models.

2. The transponder

The transponder is a small electronic chip. It can be made of either glass or ceramic incorporated inside the head of the key.

Some models do not have a chip and incorporate it into the electronics of the controls, the chip performs communication with the ignition lock antenna, which in turn communicates with the vehicle's immobilizer, to give the ignition command. These chips were incorporated in the '90s.

There are several types of transponder; Fixed, crypto, or Rolling code type.

Car Key Transponder Chip

3. Ignition lock antenna

The ignition lock antenna is an inductor coil that acts as a reader and intermediary between the key and the immobilizer system.

4. Immobilizer system

The immobilizer system is a coded anti-start system, which provides an electronic code to the key through various systems or devices.

When the key with a transponder is inserted into the lock, it emits a signal to the clause's antenna, if everything is correct, the antenna sends the signal to the immobilizer module, which in turn sends another signal to the engine control unit, which returns the vehicle start signal.

A high-frequency alternating current circulates for a few moments through the antenna which creates an alternating magnetic field that is capable of energizing the transponder.

5. The remote control

Remote car controls are an optional part in some cases, the remote emits a radio or infrared signal in the case of Mercedes keys, which activates the latches to open and close the latches through communication with the immobilizer control unit.


Bonus Tip

What is the PIN CODE?

When you go to make a duplicate key outside the dealership, they ask you for the PIN CODE, what is that?

The pin code is a security code that each car has and is delivered by manufacturers to distributors, importers, or dealers in the world, this security code is access to the immobilizer.

Whenever you buy a new vehicle, you must be given a piece of plastic, card, or paper along with the keys, which specify the codes, both the sword cut code and the PIN code.

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