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How To Use a Locksmith Machine

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Imagine yourself stranded on the side of the road with no means to get back into your automobile, such an awful thing can happen if you misplace your key.

Some people deal with this by always carrying a spare key, but what if you never make a spare?–and that's where a locksmith machine comes in.

You can always use a locksmith machine to cut new car keys and you don't need to be a locksmith pro to do that.

So, if you're intrigued to know how to use a locksmith machine like a pro, keep reading this article.

Steps To Use a Locksmith Machine

Here are simple steps to follow to get your car keys cut by yourself like a pro using a locksmith machine.

1. Taking a look around for a suitable blank key and inspecting the vehicle

The first step is to identify the make, model, and year of the vehicle. Professional locksmiths can produce a key for a specific car by researching the vehicle and using specialized software to locate the appropriate key blank and determine the remaining components. So, you should also do the same.

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2. Picking the Lock (For Older Vehicles)

Key codes can be entered into specialized software, which then instructs you on how to make the blank key for an older vehicle for which key codes are available.

If you do not have access to this key code, remove the lock from the driver's side door, where the code is likely stamped. You can then decode the lock to determine the key cuts if the code isn't stamped on the lock.

The key blank is then cut using the locksmith machine to the precise factory specifications supplied by the key's code, a process known as "cut keys to code" and performed by an electronic locksmith machine.

3. Transponder Key Programming (For Newer Vehicles)

Most modern automobiles require the usage of transponder keys. A transponder key's electronic chip is embedded in the key's head. The engine immobilization is disabled by the key's embedded chip when the key is inserted into the ignition. Despite the key's ability to turn the ignition, if it lacks the proper chip it will not start the vehicle.

You have two options for programming the transponder once you've found the appropriate key blank and transponder chip based on the vehicle details.

  • Copying the Lock and Key: The manufactured key is a perfect replication of the transponder chip's data and the key's physical configuration.
  • Putting a Key into the Vehicle's Computer System: For this purpose, you can employ specialized equipment designed for re-programming car keys.

After using specialist software to determine the appropriate procedure for making a duplicate key or programming the key into the vehicle, you can then cut the duplicate key using the locksmith machine.

4. Trying It Out

It is important to test your keys after they have been cloned or programmed into your vehicle's transponder chip to ensure proper operation.

This won't take long, and it'll bring smiles to everyone's faces. The automobile key will usually open the door on the first try.

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