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Reasons Why Your Car Keys May Not Be Working

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 The auto car keys are keys that can open and lock the door from a distance without inserting the car key into the lock hole by using the wireless auto-control function of the central lock.

It can be an extremely disappointing scenario when you walk up to your car in the morning and you find out all of a sudden that the car key button is not working. What could have caused this inconvenience?

In this article, we will discuss vividly the viable reasons why your car key button is malfunctioning. Read on to learn more.

Reasons why your car keys may not be working

There are several reasons why your car key may begin to malfunction but only the most noticeable reasons will be vividly and concisely discussed below for you to be enlightened. These include;

1. Damaged Key Fob

When a keyless entry remote suddenly stops working, there could be damage to the internal electronics, the transmitter or the receiver.

When a vehicle owner exposes the fob to risks such as dropping, excessive heat, water, mishandling, and more might result in its failure.

Hence, these problems can prevent the key from transmitting any signals that can affect the fob and get it out of adjustments.

2. Dead batteries

Another popular reason your keyless remote may be malfunctioning is that it may have run out of batteries. For your vehicle key fob to function, you have to ensure the battery is completely charged.

However, if the battery is used up, the keys won't be able to communicate to the transporter chips in the car locking system and the fob. The most immediate action to take is to change the battery to a new one, and you are good to go.

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3. Faulty Ignition cylinders

The ignition of your car is meant to work in line with your car keys. Since car keys are not programmed to function alone, any difficulty with the parts that are related to the keys will make your keys not perform adequately.

The ignition cylinder is an important component that is related to your car keys and therefore any issue with it will result in a problem for your car keys.

4. Unprogrammed car keys

key fobs that lose their batteries, also have tendencies to lose their initial programming. If you have recently gotten a duplicate key, the programming could have been disconnected due to this reason. The duplicate key fob has to be paired with the vehicle it is operated on.

Therefore, you will have to program the car keys to tell the transponder as well as the receiver that they are meant to be merged.

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