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Transponder vs Non-transponder Car Keys

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What Are Transponder Car Keys?

Transponder car keys were a revolutionary security upgrade in the car industry thanks to the advancing technology. The first transponder keys were used in 1985 and quickly after it became mainstream. General Motors was the first company that introduced transponder keys in United States in their 1985 Corvette car. Transponder keys are similar to non-transponder key in that they both use a metal key blade that needs to be cut in a unique sequence in order to fit the ignition. The difference between transponder key and non-transponder key is hidden inside the plastic cap of the transponder keys. This plastic cap contains a small chip which receives a radio frequency signal from the antenna ring of the immobilizer and in return it sends back a code to the antenna. Then the antenna will send this code to the car's computer system which in return will disable the immobilizer and allow the car to start. It is even more amazing to know that all these signal and code exchange occurs in split of a second! 

Transponder keys 

What is a non-transponder car key?

Essentially, any car key that doesn’t have a transponder – that’s to say, the vast majority of car keys from models before the turn of the millennium.

Before the mid-90s and early 2000’s, transponders would only be found on luxury, high-end vehicles, leaving most other cars with only minimal physical security. Thankfully, since then these features have become standard. If you’re still driving a car from before this however, you face a higher risk of car theft, as hotwiring techniques and fake keys may still be effective without the added protection of a transponder.

How do transponder keys work?

As we mentioned before, transponder keys emit a wireless signal that’s synced with your car’s on-board computer.

Whenever you approach your car, your transponder and car automatically communicate, going through the following process.

Step #1: Your transponder car key sends out a unique radio frequency signal (the transponder code) to the antenna ring of your car’s immobiliser system

Step #2: Your immobiliser system then sends a unique code to your car’s computer system

Step #3: Once your car receives the computer-generated code, it disables the system and allows your car to start

Should any of these steps fail, your car will not disable your immobiliser, resulting in you (or more realistically, someone who’s trying to get away with
your car) getting stranded.

 transponder keys

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