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KH100+  Key Programer Device

KH100+ Key Programer Device

  • Lonsdor KH100+ Full Featured Key Remote Programmer
  • Latest Handheld Device Update Version


size 193*88*24mm    
screen size 2.8inch color screen    
resolution 320*240    
battery 3.7v 2000mA/H    



      Lonsdor KH100+ Highlights:

1. Modern appearance design, in line with the operating habits of the public. 
2. Device system comes with operation instructions, easier for you to use. 
3. It covers almost all the functions of the similar products in the market.
4. Built-in super sensor to collect data(over-range data collection).
5. Exclusive support for 8A(H chip) generation. 
6. Built-in WIFI module, can connect to network at any time
7. 4-pack remotes & smart key involved
8. Handy chip holder integrated, 902MHZ supported
9. Toyota 8A Smart Key Direct copy to Add key (Latest Update)
10. Check Lonsdor KH100+ Vehicle List

 Lonsdor KH100+ Function List:
Identify Copy
Chip Simulation
Remote Generation
Remote Frequency
Access Control Key
Chip Generation
Coil Identification
Special Function

Graphic features

For New user

1) For the first use, please prepare a common call phone or email to help complete activation process, click OK to start.

2) Boot the device and enter registration activation process.

3) Input user name, password. Confirm password, cellphone number or email to obtain verification code. Then input the code to submit registration.

4) Account registered successfully, it will take 5 seconds to bind the device.

5) Successful registration, enter the system.

For Registered user(who has registered Lonsdor products before)

In addition, users who have already registered Lonsdor's product can directly choose [registered user] to activate account.

How to update Lonsdor HK100

Enter settings menu

Connect the device to network

Then choose [check for updates]

One-click for online update!


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