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Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Auto Car Key

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An auto car key which could be referred to as a Keyless key is an electronic device that controls access to the system or vehicle through an infrared by using an automatic remote control.

If you had a chance of getting a car in previous years you would have been using the traditional insert key methods but recently, technological advancements made it possible for you to use an auto car key.

An auto car key allows the driver to lock, open, and start the car with the key through radio signals that are transmitted from a key fob, and before you could use the auto car key to open the door or start the car you must be in range before it works.

auto car key

Advantages of Auto car key

1. Convenience

You won’t have to be disturbed when you have loads at hand and you need to open the booth to drop the load with the same hand that holds the keys, you could simply push the button to open the booth and drop the load bought from grocery shops.

2. Better security

The auto car key is programmed with a unique code that made it possible for unlocking, start and lock the key, so the system involves recognition of the key fob that’s authorized specifically with a code.

So, therefore, for you to start the car computer will need to recognize the particular code. Some car brands make use of encrypted computerized microchips in the auto car keys to enhance the security of the car further.

3. Easy Car locking

Locking the car should have been part of you but the thought that did I lock the car is so often which makes you work back to check if the doors are locked.

However, the auto car key saves you from stress because after you pack the car and you walk to a certain distance from the car the door will automatically lock itself and you could lock the car from a certain distance by pushing on the lock button.

If by mistake you forgot the car key inside the car, the car won’t lock ensuring you’re not locked out of the car.

Auto car key

Disadvantages of Auto car key

1. Cost of Replacement

The cost of purchasing another auto car key is quite expensive compared to the traditional inserted key, if your car key gets misplaced you will have to replace the electronic components that are programmed in the system. So, you will be paying a hefty price for both the auto car key and the computerized device in the car.

2. Turning off the car negligence

Most times after a stressful day at work you might forget to turn off the car, even after several warnings about the car being packed without ignition off, the cars are parked with the engine still running and this could lead to the release of dangerous fumes into the car and if the car doesn’t have safety measures to turn off the engine it will keep running out until the gas finishes.

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