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Things You Should Know About a Car Key Transponder Chip

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Gone are the days when cars could be easily hijacked and driven away by robbers. Nowadays, with the help of a Car key transponder chip, you can easily protect your car from thefts.

A car key transponder chip is made with security features that prevent theft by hot-wiring technics–usually used by robbers to bypass the system of a car.

Using radio frequency identification (RFID), a car key transponder chip renders hot-wiring ineffective, thus, preventing your car from being stolen.

Are you intrigued to know more about car key transponder chips? If so, stay focused as we educate you on things you should know about Car key transponder chips.

How Does A Car Key Transponder Chip Work?

To use a key transponder chip for your car, you need to get a professional automotive locksmith to program your key transponder chip to match the immobilizer of your car.

Thus, when the Car key is inserted to start the car, the car key transponder chip sends a radio frequency identification signal to the immobilizer.

This signal is a form of a digital serial number, which disengages the immobilizer (provided that the signal matches the immobilizer), thus allowing the car to start.

If the immobilizer does not recognize the signal sent by the car key transponder chip, it won't disengage and the car will not start. With these security features, a car thief that manages to gain access to your car will be unable to start it.

Can All Cars Use Key Transponder Chips?

No, not all cars use key transponder chips.

Although, car manufacturers are now making cars that can use key transponder chips as an anti-theft security measure, nevertheless, most old-modeled automobiles lack the feature.

So, how do you know if your car can use a car key transponder chip?

The best way to know is by contacting a professional locksmith to check your car starting system. Depending on the model, type, and year of manufacture, a professional locksmith can tell if your car can work with a transponder chip or not.

However, if your car currently operated with a metal key, then it is not equipped with a built-in immobilizer, so, it cannot use a transponder chip.

Also, a non-transponder key will not work with your car if it is equipped with an immobilizing system.

Can You Program Your Car Key Transponder Chip Yourself?

Yes, you can program your car key transponder chip yourself–though we do not recommend that you do that.

Getting a professional locksmith from us at Heynes High-Tech can save you from errors associated with DIY programming. With a professional locksmith, the security of your car is guaranteed.

Can Car Key Transponder Chips Go Bad?

Car key transponder chips do not usually go bad when used appropriately. You should follow the guide that comes with the transponder chip and contact the programmer if you have any problems with it.

However, car key transponder chips can go bad in a few instances such as when the car battery dies for a long time. This may cause the transponder chip to lose its memory.

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