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Basic Things You Should Know About Auto Keys

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Well, whether you are the type that pay attention to your auto keys or not, one important thing you must always keep in mind is ensuring that your car keys are sourced from a reliable brand.

And when there is a need for replacement, always ensure that you seek professional guidance before doing so.

This blog will show you some tips and tricks that will make handling your car keys/fobs a lot easier. Let’s start by looking at the most common car key types.

  • Basic car key

The title says it all; it is basic and lacks the features of a remote car key or an auto keys.

Usually laser cut or machine cut (in older times), this key boasts a peculiar feature which is its near-zero security features and its ease of duplication, which I believe appealed more to the carjackers than the driver himself.

If your basic car key goes missing, worry not; the locksmith has got you and it will only cost you a few dollars.

  • Remote car key

Unlike the basic car key, the remote car key has some security features embedded in it. The use of the remote car key has declined since the advent of auto car keys though.

It makes use of CR44 batteries requiring replacement every 3-4 years and works by emitting radio waves or infrared from an embedded transponder which transmits a coded message that signals the on-board computer to lock or unlock the car.

If your remote car key gets lost, replacement will require the car and the keys to be sent down for reprogramming at a cut-throat price. In other words, you are screwed!

  • Auto keys

Now, if you lose your auto key, you're screwed twice over. You are not just going to be reprogramming, you might also be replacing the whole engine management system.

Yes, THE WHOLE ENGINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM! So try not to lose it. That aside, the auto car key is impossible to hack, making it one of the safest and most secure keys, and because of this feature, the auto car key trumps the other keys explained above.

It has a backup key in the form of a blade or shank embedded inside the key fob. Unlocking and starting your car has never been easier.

The car just senses the presence of the auto key and automatically unlocks itself and, the best part, can start itself without having the driver put the key in the ignition.

auto key

Things to consider if your auto keys aren’t working


  • Replace the battery if it’s a nonresponsive key fob. CR32 and CR44 are the conventional batteries used in a car key remote.


  • Attaching weight to the key ring will cause the tumbler in the barrel to wear out early. Avoid that.


  • Replacing your auto key will require programming a set of new keys, which is quite expensive.


  • Auto keys should be kept away from humidity and moisture.


  • The ignition barrel should be lubricated with a dab of graphite.


  • Using the key for any purpose outside of what it was originally designed for will cause it to wear out.

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