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4 Types of Automotive Keys

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Few people like to admit it, but it is a fact that most car owners have experienced being locked out of their car at least once in their lifetime. Some have even experienced losing their car keys. Sometimes keys can possibly get jammed in the ignition and cannot be retrieved. All these can be a horrendous experience especially when there’s an emergency. One of the best ways to quickly get your hands on a new car key is to use the services of professional automotive locksmiths. They are very experienced in dealing with all types of car keys that are commonly used today.

Most automotive companies nowadays have been adding new technology to their vehicles. This includes the car keys to make their vehicles more secure. There was a time when only mechanically cut keys were issued by the car manufacturers. However, things have changed a lot in the past few decades. New technology has emerged that offers greater security to vehicle owners


Basic car key

The basic car key or traditional option is what you’ll find if you have an older vehicle or one that you may remember from back in the day. These are the ones that you can easily make a copy of at the hardware store and they can hook easily on your keychain. The reason that car keys have evolved from this option are many, but one reason is that they lack really any security features.

If you still have a car with a traditional key, you may have had a security alarm installed or purchased an electronic key fob to help prevent theft of your car. These inexpensive keys don’t provide any encoding, can be made with any machine that cuts metal, and are outdated since better options have come out.


Programmable Remotes

Programmable remotes (or self-programmable as they’re more often called) aren’t really keys. Instead, they’re buttons that you use to lock your car, unlock your car, sound the alarm and/or open the trunk. Using special equipment, a locksmith or dealer can program one of these remotes to your vehicle to your vehicle and replace or duplicate them if necessary. As a bonus, the best automotive locksmiths guarantee their programmed keys to work and may even include a 90-day warranty.

Transponder Key

This type of key has a microchip in the key handle, and are more secure than the traditional car key. Transponder car keys have been used since 1995. When inserted into the ignition, a sensor responds and activates the transponder. The price to copy a transponder key is anywhere from $40 to over $100. To replace entirely, a dealership may charge around $250.

Another type of transponder key is the rolling code key. Introduced in 1999, this key sends a new code every time the car is used, protecting the car more securely than traditional transponders. Replacing this type of key is very expensive, typically $500 or more per key.


Smart Car Key

This is a recently developed type of car key that is not very widely used. This is called a smart key as it allows the car owner to use the key remotely from a reasonable distance. This type of key allows remote opening and closing of doors. Some of these keys also allow starting the car remotely.


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