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How to Cut a Car Key Blade?

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Cars are a part of our everyday lives. Remote-controlled or keyless cars have made our lives a lot easier. However, they also have their bad side.

For example, what would you do if the battery in your car's remote control goes down? Of course, you would change the battery, but what if time is not on your side. This is not a situation you want if you are in a hurry.

Car key blades although old-fashioned, are very helpful for situations like this. In this article, you will learn about how car key blades are cut.

What is a car key blade?

The car key blade is a carefully cut piece of metal that is used to make car keys. The keys can unlock the doors of the car and start the car. A car key blade might be a fast solution if your remote control is bad.

You will also need a replacement car key blade if yours get broken. Car key blades are custom-made to fit perfectly into your car's lock mechanism.

The main difference between custom key blades and original keys is that the former is usually not programmed. Customized car key blades are consistent in all aspects, including their shape, size, and feel.

How does a car key blade work?

Have you noticed the grooves on a key blade? Each one of those grooves makes up the code that enables you to open the car's door.

Once you insert the key blade into the vehicle, the grooves push the small plates within the door's lock and make them aligned. When the plates are aligned, you can easily turn the barrel to unlock the door.

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How is a car key blade cut?

In the process of cutting an emergency car key blade, two major steps are taken.

1. Decoded the lock.

2. Cut the key.

How is the lock decoded?

A tool is introduced into the lock while applying a little pressure. This step helps to determine the unique codes each one of the small plates represents. The tool is made up of a blade that has numbers printed on them.

The numbers on the blades help to determine the barrel type and the depth of cut the key blade needs to have. This process is quite different and requires a lot of skills and experience.

How is the key cut?

 Decoding the lock provides the necessary information about the barrel type and the required depth of cut. The next stage is to cut the key. Cutting is achieved by a key cutting machine.

A blank car key blade is introduced into the machine. The type of car and the codes obtained when decoding the lock are input into the machine.

When all necessary data has been entered, the machine will cut the blank key blade according to the information provided. After the cutting process has been completed, the key is tested and made ready for the customer.

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