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Things To Know Before Using a Key Cutter

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Using a key cutter may look easy. This makes many people think they may randomly pick up a key cutter and use it to cut keys on their own.

However, using a key cutter without having the necessary knowledge of how to make use of it may be unwise. You may end up making mistakes and cutting your keys in the wrong way.

There are certain things you should know before using a key cutter. What are they? Are they really important?

Pay attention as we walk you through the things you should know before using a key cutter.

Why do you need a key cutter?

It is important to know the usefulness of something without deciding to buy it. If the usefulness of a key cutter is not known, its abuse is inevitable.

Now, let's look at some of the reasons you need a key cutter.

1. To duplicate your keys

A key cutter is a simple tool that helps you to duplicate your key. In other words, it provides a spare key for you.

If you are a car owner or a homeowner that has once experienced losing your home or car key without having a spare one, you will understand the need to have a spare key.

Losing your car or home key means that you will have to break into your car or house, damaging your belongings. However, having a key cutter with which you can duplicate your key will save you from this damage.

2. To maintain your original key

As you constantly use your car and home keys every day, they gradually begin to wear out. In a few months, you will notice that those keys are no longer fit for use.

However, having a key cutter with which you make duplicates of your original key reduces the load on that single key.

You may decide to keep the original key and use the duplicates, thus maintaining the integrity of your original key.

key cutter

3. To save the cost of key replacement

Your key may snap and cut at any time, especially if an accident occurs. Having a key cutter can help you fix the snapped key.

This will save the cost of going to buy a new original key that is also at risk of snapping at any time.

What should you do before using a key cutter?

If you wish to use a key cutter by yourself, then there are certain things you should do before using it.

Following these procedures will enable you to carry out the task more appropriately. Here are things you should do before using a key cutter:

1. Know your key type

You need to know whether you are working with a regular key or a high-security key. These are the two basic types of keys.

Regular keys such as the cylinder and mortise locks keys are easier to cut and you can easily do it yourself.

However, care should be taken if you're working with a high-security key because they are more complex.

High-security keys are commonly used in warehouses and commercial spaces.

2. Have the original key with you

Using a key cutter is more accurate if you have the original key with you. You will get better results by following the original key to cut your spare key than using a key duplicated from the original key.

Making a duplicate key from another duplicate will create a lot of deviations from the original key.

3. Have the right blank key

You shouldn't randomly choose a blank key with which you want to make your duplicate. Ensure you find the right blank key before making a copy of it.

Using a key cutter to make a wrong copy is a wasted effort.

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