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Tips For Car Key Replacement

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We all know well that heart-stopping feeling of not being able to find out car keys. Your hand is in your bag and you swear they aren’t there. Then, with relief, your hand clasps around the familiar metal. Until one day it doesn’t.

Whether you misplace car keys at home or drop them while out, this is sure to be a hassle you don’t need. While we can’t do away with that hassle altogether, we can give you our quick tips about all things, car key replacement.


Buy replacement car keys from the dealer

Buying a new set of car keys from your dealer is pretty straightforward. But it could be the most expensive option, as well as the most time-consuming.

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Call a locksmith

A cheaper option is likely to be an auto locksmith who can reprogram a new car key for you without needing the original. Get some quotes from local locksmiths and see if you can find one that suits your wallet.

If they have a blank key that matches your car, you could get your key replacement much faster than with a dealer.

Many auto locksmiths offer a mobile service, meaning they will travel to you. They should be able to cut you a spare key and reprogram a remote car key fob.

They should also program out the original key, making it useless if it has fallen into the wrong hands. Damaged locks and keys can often be repaired too.


Car Insurance Provider

Could be very expensive – Car keys are sometimes not covered by insurance companies and it may depend on particular circumstances as to whether your policy covers you; each insurance company will have different terms and conditions. Also, note claiming on your insurance may affect your no claims bonus, so could cost you in the long run.

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Vehicle Breakdown Service

Could be slow – Some roadside assistance services may able to help, but this can depend on the type of vehicle key you need replacing and the equipment the roadside assistance service has onboard their vehicle.

Depending on if the breakdown service has the correct key coding equipment you could be in for a long wait.

It is why auto locksmiths are usually the fastest option due to the large amount of vehicle diagnostic and expensive car key coding equipment they carry.

A lot of breakdown services use an auto locksmith to complete the work, so going directly to the locksmith will be the cheapest option.

Not experts in keys and locks – they also may not have the expertise that an auto locksmith has in dealing with specific keys and lock types.

Regardless of the type of car keys, it’s always best to have a spare key stored in a safe place at your house.  If your vehicle does not have a secondary key, now might be the time to get one. 

This is why used car dealers will typically give you more money for your vehicle or charge you more if the car comes with two keys. No matter the case, if you lose your keys out in the world. 


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