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What If I Lose My Car Keys?

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Although the probability of losing the car key is very small, there will always be car owners who will not be able to open the car door after losing the key, let alone driving. What should I do? Let's talk about it below.

1. The spare key comes in handy

Generally speaking, a car now has two keys, one for common use and the other for backup. When the commonly used key is lost, the spare key can be used, so you must remember that the spare key must not be placed in the car, and must be placed in a safe place at home, otherwise the commonly used key is lost and the spare key is still in the car. You will have to ask someone to unlock it.

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2. Professional unlocking company

If the vehicle is far away from the spare key, or the spare key cannot be found, you have to ask a professional unlocking company to unlock it. Usually, there must be relevant proof that the car is yours, such as an ID card, driving permit, etc. If there is no such document, I am afraid they would not dare to open it.

3. 4s store configuration new key

Each car will have an anti-theft password configured with the car. The owner only needs to provide the 4s shop with the driving card and identity information, and the 4s shop can obtain the vehicle's anti-theft password according to the provided information, and then configure a new key. At the same time, the lost key data can be erased, which means that the lost key becomes an illegal key, and the vehicle cannot be started, but the door can still be opened. Therefore, the 4s shop will also recommend replacing the entire vehicle lock to ensure safety.

Losing the key is definitely a hassle, and it costs a lot of money. If you lose a metal mechanical key, it is okay to equip it with a few tens of dollars; if you lose a remote control key with an anti-theft chip, the price is a lot, at least five or six hundred yuan and luxury brands are more expensive.

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