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Various Kinds Of Car Key Blades

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The very first model of car key blade produced could only lock the ignition. But centuries later, several blades were modeled to provide ease and satisfy users want.

In this article, you will learn about the various types of car key blades. Stick with me as we ride through on this.

Flip style car key blades

This type of blade is mostly used by various manufacturers. This key blade can fold into the key fob when it is not being used.

As the compact nature of this key is generally loved by the populace, many people seek to change their existing key blade to this flip model. It is very versatile and people love it's functions.

Laser-cut car key blades

This is the thickest of all key types. This blade was created in order to reduce to a minimum the occurrence of theft.

All sides of the laser key are made of the laser groove. This feature allows for convincing in fixing the blade into the ignition.

You can insert Gus blade from any angle. This feature makes this blade very hard to duplicate as seen with the flip-style blades.

Master car key blades

This blade as implied by its name has the ability to open the door and start the ignition of many cars.

Due to the functionality of this key blade, various countries govern the use of this key and punitive measures will be meted out to anyone in possession of the key illegally.

The use of this type of blade is mostly reserved for locksmiths and professionals of mobile. But as the world becomes corrupt over time, criminals seem to get a hold of this blade and thus perform nefarious activities.

Mechanically cut car key  blades

This blade is a basic type and is mostly used by older models of vehicles. They do not perform special functions. They are just basic in operation.

This type of blade is not at all secure to use. The blade can easily be duplicated which reduces the safety advantage, that is if any exists at all.

Smart car key

This is the most latest blade in the market system. It is also referred to as the keyless blades. This key detects your car when you are close by. The blades do not need to be inserted into the ignition in the process of driving.

This key is quite expensive to purchase. When the blade is misplaced, it is very difficult to get a new one since the whole locking system may be changed during the cause of getting a new car key blade. This is so because of the security of the vehicle.

Tibbe car key

The popularity of this key arouse as it is very difficult to make a clone out of this key. Many duplicating shops has found it has to duplicate this key. It has a cylindrical shape which makes it highly secure.

If this key be misplaced, it's re installment will require two processes. A new tribe blade will first be ordered and thus a mechanic will program this blade into your car. This is a very save key blade to use but is hardly adopted by car users.

Valet car key

This key as the name implies is used by people who are into valet service. A spare key of this kind will be able to compel car drivers to submit a very specialized key. This key makes it easy to do the valet service.

This key is able to open doors and start the ignition of several cars but will not open the trunk of a car that has been locked being locked by its owner. Many driver hold this key for emergency purposes.

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