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Types of Automatic Key Cutters and Tips to Consider When Purchasing an Automatic Key Cutter

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If you work as a locksmith, you already know how important having an automatic key cutter is With the help of this tool, you can quickly and easily cut automobile and truck keys, which can help you save a lot of time and money.

Choosing the best automatic key cutter for your company might be challenging because there are so many different models available.

You should read this blog article because of that. We'll go through the various varieties of the automatic key cutter, their features, and advice on how to pick the ideal one for your requirements.

Types of Automatic key cutter

Initially, what exactly is an automobile key-cutting device? It is a tool that may be used to make duplicate vehicle and truck keys.

There are now three primary categories of automatic key cutting devices:

1. Manual Key Cutter

These devices are the simplest and cheapest selection. They require you to enter the key you want to copy before cutting a new key using a file.

Manual key cutters are not a viable option for firms that need to generate a lot of keys because they are slow and can be challenging to use.

2. Semiautomatic key cutter

Manual key machines have been replaced with semiautomatic key machines. They demand less muscle exertion and are quicker and simpler to use.

You place the key you wish to replicate into a semi-automatic key machine, pull a lever to start the cutting process, and then remove the key.

For companies that need to produce a lot of keys, semiautomatic machines are an excellent option.

Automatic key cutter

3. Automatic key cutter

The quickest and most expensive solution is automatic key machines. They can swiftly produce keys and are automated. An illustration of this would be a laser key cutting device.

You insert the key you wish to copy into an automatic key machine, and it takes care of the rest. If it is a laser key cutting machine, the new key is cut using a laser.

Businesses that require the production of several keys fast might consider automatic key machines.

Tips to consider when you want to purchase an automatic key cutter

Keep the following in mind while picking automobile key cutting equipment for your company:

Think about the kinds of keys you'll be cutting the most.

If all you do is cut regular keys, a manual machine can be sufficient. When cutting transponder or chip keys, you should, however, look for more sophisticated choices, such as a laser key cutting machine.

Consider the number of keys you will need to cut at once.

An automatic machine can be the best option if you intend to cut a lot of keys.

 Don't forget to take the cost into account. 

Even though they might be pricey, automotive key-cutting machines are worthwhile purchases if you anticipate doing a lot of key cutting.

Examine reviews.

Make careful to study reviews about the brands and vendors from other business owners before purchasing automobile key cutting equipment.

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