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KYDZ smart key programmer support remote test frequency-refresh generate chip recognition-smart card generate

KYDZ smart key programmer support remote test frequency-refresh generate chip recognition-smart card generate

  • Place of Origin:China
  • Brand Name:HN-CAR KEY
  • Model Number:KYDZ
  • Key words:Locksmith Tool
  • Shipping ways:
  • Function:Programmer/Duplicate/Refresh
  • Usage:Programmer Remote
  • Weight:1kg
  • MOQ:1 PCS
  • Type:car key device all cars key Programmer
  • Brand:KYDZ
  • Material:Plastic
  • Quality:Excellent

View & Function

kydz key programmer

Kydz Key Programmer View

Kydz key programmer is a machine used for programming keys for various vehicles. It allows locksmiths, automotive repair shops, and other professionals to program new keys or reprogram existing ones for a wide range of car models. With the Kydz smart key programmer, users can add and delete keys, reset the immobilizer system, and perform other functions related to vehicle key programming. This tool makes it easier and faster for professionals to provide key replacement services to their customers.

kydz key programmer3

Function of Kydz Key Programmer

Check Frequency / Renew Transponder / Identity Transponder / Make Remote /NXP Renew / Make Chip  More

Graphic features

kydz key programmer2

Kydz Key Programmer Product parameter

Size: 5.0 inch
Battery: 5000mAh/3.7V
Charing: DC 5V/1A
Using environment: -10°C---55°C
Power on and off
Power on: press the battery button in 3 to 5 seconds, entering the Android screen, then click the “agree”.
Power off: press the battery button in 2 to 3 seconds,appearing the word “power off”, then click the “power off”.
Device's menu description
Active message showing: show the new message of KYDZ.
Remote making: producing the RKE remote key.
Detecting the frequency and infrared.
NXP renew: OEM and after market is supported.
Chip identify: recognize the chip,edit,read the EEPROM.
Copy: (still research and develop).
Special function: (still research and develop).
Smart card: producing all kinds of PKE remote keys.
Making chip: G make, G mass, ID67, ID68, ID70, ID70E, ID33, ID40, ID4, ID42, ID43, ID44, ID45, ID46, ID60, ID61, ID62, ID63 and so on
Setting: wifi setting,display setting, volume setting, language setting, PC mode

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