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HNR216 V1.27 PCMtuner ECU Programmer With 67 Modules Support Checksum Pinout Diagram

HNR216 V1.27 PCMtuner ECU Programmer With 67 Modules Support Checksum Pinout Diagram

Product Description

PCMtuner ECU Programmer with 67 Modules

PCMtuner is a customized read-write device specially used for vehicle engine control system (ECU) and transmission control system (TCU). It can support OBO (bus reading and writing), BENCH (read and write wittxxjt opening ECU or TCU box ), BOOT (read and write with open mode). It can read and write the current most models on the market, covering European airs, Japanese cars, some American cars, Chinese cars, supporting some Volkswagen Audi gearboxes, and models equipped with delphi control systems.

PCMtuner Highlights:

1. Master Version, save data in bin format, data not encrypted.
2. Read and write ECU data through OBD, BENCH, and BOOT modes.

3. PCMtuner provides VR files for all legal users and Helpdesk supplies free Damaos for Tuner: Free WinOLS damaos, A2L, MAPPACKGE and VR files.
4. PCMtuner software allows you to forcibly write (forcibly clone) without verification,
And supports forcibly reading and writing unknown ECUs with supported chip models.

5. Free Update Online, No Annual Subsription Fee, 2 Years Warranty
6. With integrated scanmatik2: The smart dongle is compatible with the original scanmatik2 pro
7. PCMtuner Wiring Diagrams Free Download 
8. PCMTuner is From Tuner Group: so we can give more support for all our legal users
9. PCMTuner Extend Modules (Need to buy separately), make it more powerful.
A. MPM For American ECU TCU like GM, Chrysler, Ford
B. Fetrotech Tool For MG1 MD1 ECU, BENCH Read MED9 and EDC16, MEDC17 Series ECUs
C. GODIAG GT105 Plus GT107 For DSG Gearbox Data Read/Write
D. GODIAG OBD Breakout Cable  For Via OBD on Bench

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